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offers for the Shox-Box patent, which includes integrating the Shox-Box technology into a

rowing machine.

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Jack Nunn (Owner Powerhouse Fitness, 4X PAC-10 Champ, 3X Nat'l Champ UCB, '01 World Silver Medal U23 Mens 8)

"At the 2010 Crash-B indoor world rowing championships I knew my legs needed more strength to help me through the grueling 2000m race.  As I tried the Shox-Box for the first time at the Crash-B's I knew it would be an amazing tool to gain more strength in the legs.  An added bonus would be for less strain and impact on the back for all my indoor rowing members at my Powerhouse Fitness Indoor Rowing Center in Long Beach.  That year I purchased over 30 Shox-Box units for my indoor rowing facility.  There has been 100% positive feedback and everyone is hooked.  Indoor rowing on the Concept2 will never be the same.  When you use both boxes the core gets a workout as well.  Thank you Dave... I will be giving those guys some serious competition this coming indoor race season!

I will for sure keep spreading the word about the amazing feedback I have about the Shox-Box.  I really can't thank you enough and it has really helped me get stronger on the erg along with less stress on the back :)  I can teach a million classes without being sore.  It's awesome!!!"

Ron Filippi (Gym Manager, New Jersey)

"Your product is terrific. I am spending more time on the erg than I would have ever imagined, especially since I had low back surgery 3 years ago. I even got a couple of former Olympic rowers to use it, they liked it so much that they asked me to order the front box for the rower they use in the gym that they use and that I manage."

Francis P. Ermilio, DC (Chiropractor, Former Holy Cross Crew Mens Coach)

“As a Chiropractor for over 25 years and a former College Coach, I have seen many back injuries due to the excessive compression that the rowers’ backs endure, stroke after stroke, during the heavy erging time of the fall and winter months. The boat-like compliance that the Shox-Box provides does an excellent job in keeping the back protected from the harsh trauma of a rigid frame Ergometer. I recommend it for both healthy and injured backs. Why put your back through those harmful shocks if you don’t have to?”

Amy Abbot, MD (Assistant Professor Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, UMass Memorial Medical Center) 

"I think that [the Shox-Box] does replicate the feeling of a real rowing boat more than any other rowing systems on the market.  From a physiologic stand point, the fact that the system adds in pitch and roll to the standard Concept II erg means that accessory muscles are recruited and trained in a similar fashion as to a real boat.  This means that off water training will not only maintain aerobica capacity but also muscle mass and proprioception and make the transition back to the water much easier.  

Also, the damping effect of the Shox-Box on both the catch and the finish of the stroke is certainly less jarring to the joints and spine.  All of us have had the experienced the hard catch and release felt on the standard erg.  I felt with the Shox-Box, the damping effect of the springs made the catch and finish ends of the stroke smooth.  I think it is an ideal system to prevent injury, rehab from injury and maintain proprioception and balance."

Joe Wyatt (C2 Team TimbukTOO/TIMBUK2, Pennsylvania)

"After using the Shox-Box system my back was loose and my knees, which had been having a bit of soreness, felt great!"  "FUN! More challenging, but more rewarding. Feels very fluid, smooth, rhythmic and I'm now going faster than before."

Joy Hsiung (C2 Team Age Without Limits, San Jose, California)

"I believe that alternating rowing using the Shox-Box and cycling have helped me to achieve a level of performance that I never thought was possible.  While I do not row competitively, I have noticed that my split times have improved by 3-4 seconds during my 33k workouts.  Last season I rowed over 13 million meters, and used the Shox-Box for about 3/4 of it with no back pain.  It is a great product and the customer service is stellar!" 

Michael Esposito (C2 Team TimbukTOO/TIMBUK2, Pennsylvania)

"Having used my C2 erg on slides for over a year I thought lower back compression would be at a minimum, however, after installing the Shox-Box last week I have been AMAZED at the difference! I highly recommend its use for anyone who even THINKS their lower back is at risk.  The movement it provides (both in a vertical and horizontal correction) is a backsaver for certain :)  Thanks for a terrific product, keep up the great work so that I can keep on erging"

Gary Pantiedosi (1976 U.S. Olympic Team, MIT Heavyweight Crew)

“I've got a Shox-Box and you won't catch me erging without it.  I’ve never had a back problem, but the five minute Shox-Box demo sold me.  Rowing with the rear Shox-Box did not feel much different until I tried rowing without it immediately after.  Once the Shox-Box was taken away, I felt sore and uncomfortable.  I would liken it to running on grass then concrete.  The Shox-Box especially makes long pieces much more tolerable.” 

John Nunn (1968 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medalist, 1976 U.S. Olympic Mens Quad Coach) 

"The Shox-Box system helps rowers achieve a smoother catch and release on the Concept2.  With the Shox-Box, rough catches and finishes cause the Concept2 rowing machine to rock and bounce much as a boat would.  A Coach can see that and a rower can feel the motion and try to minimize it.  I am currently rehabilitating from recent hip replacement surgery and the Shox-Box takes some of the rigidity out of the Concept 2 rowing machine and makes it feel more like a boat.  Somehow the Concept2 just by itself always seems harder on my back than the boat.  Since using the Shox-Box my lower back pain is gone.  The Shox-Box is a great addition to your indoor rowing workout!"

Bryan Fuller (Fastest American to Row the Atlantic Ocean) 

"In March of 2012, I and the rest of Team Titan began our 3,000 mile row from Spain to Barbados. A big part of preparing for the row was my work on the erg. My erg was equipped with Shox-Box, which helped simulate the pitch and roll of an actual boat on open water. I rowed on my Shox-Box almost three hours a day for roughly 4 months to prepare. Never once on the water did my back or oblique muscles hurt and I credit that to the strength I gained while using my core on my Shox-Box. Our team landed in Barbados in April of 2012 making me the fastest American to row the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you Shox-Box!"

Susan Friedrichs (Coach at Highlands Rowing Center, New Jersey)

 "I used to have to limit my time erging in the winter because my back was always sore for a few days after.  The other day I got on my erg for the first time this winter with the Shox-Box and spent about an hour with absolutely no back pain whatsoever.  What a relief."

Gordon Hamilton (Coach at Riverside BC, Cambridge BC & Florida RC, Former National Team Coach)

“The moment I saw the Shox-Box in action I was convinced.  The Shox-Box is very effective in diverting the harmful compressive forces on the back at the end of the drive.  I also like the ‘feel’ it provides to the core at the end of the drive.  Many of us spend more time/strokes on the erg than we do on the water.  It really is a must for all levels, Junior through Masters.  Save your back and get a better feel.”

Thomas Scifres (Iona College, Head Coach Mens & Womens Rowing)  

“Iona Rowing just bought two rear Shox-Box's.  They are already helping some of our injured kids in their recoveries.  Besides helping those with back problems I believe it also helps athletes with hip and hip flexor issues relieve some of the stress of the layback position.  Thanks for inventing your product!”

Paul Cooke (Brown University, Head Coach Mens Crew)

"We use the Shox-box systems in practice regularly and it helps particularly with athletes who are recovering from injury.  We are very happy with the product."

Evans Liolin (Former Georgetown University Coach, Yale University, and US Junior National Team) 

"The Shox-Boxes helped our guys refine balance and boat-feel during the winter and creates a lively response on the erg.  It was a great source of feedback, particularly when combined with the C2 slider."

Wesley Ng (Trinity College, Head Coach Womens Rowing)

"I started using the rear Shox-Box for my own personal training and found rowing on the machine not only more interesting but also more comfortable.  After transitioning from the erg to both the double and the eight all the usual aches and pains of balancing a shell were muted and it was easier to concentrate on the oar, footstretcher, and hull. 

We’ve also purchased eight Shox-Box systems for use with our rowing teams and it gives both the coaches and athletes better feedback on how the athletes change directions and what type of impact large body motions can make to the hull.  For distance training and biofeedback I always prefer to row  with the full Shox-Box system."

Richard Gervase (Saugatuck Rowing Club, Connecticut)

"I jumped back on the erg a few weeks ago.  I love the Shox-Box.  What a difference it makes!  I wish I had it 6 years ago."

William Funderburk (Yale '83)

"The Shox-Box system was ideal for my indoor rowing needs and helped me get to where I am today, even with a total left hip replacement in December 2012.  Without the Shox-Box, I would never have made the time standards I needed to make my Yale class boat for the Henley Masters this year (Yale made it to the 2013 finals).  It has been fun preparing and there's no way I could have done it without the Shox-Box.  Also a friend of mine tells me he got the Shox-Box system and loves rowing with it."

Rob Slocum (Marathon erg pioneer, Occoquan International RC)

“Within my first 20 strokes with the Shox-Box I felt an immediate benefit on my back and I’ve been using it regularly since. They are right when they say that every erg should have a Shox-Box, a healthy back needs this device as much as a sore one.”

Kelly McKinley (Southern Methodist University Rowing)

“I missed my 3rd year spring season due to a back injury. I have been using a Shox-Box since and it has really helped my senior fall season! I have improved my split times and kept the back healthy. I wish I had one back in high school.”

Sue Parvin (Pittsford Crew)

“I have been encouraging my girls to use the Shox-Box and most of them actually love it. One of the girls has a nagging low back injury and said that she felt NO back pain when erging with the Box. I’m going to have her use it all of the time from now on!”