Transforming the Indoor Rower


The Shox‐Box, a shock absorbing training aid for the Concept2 erg, transforms the erg into a complete

technical workout with an on‐water feel that is gentler on the back and joints.


Consisting of a front and rear box, the Shox‐Box system adds a side‐to side motion (roll) to the erg which provides an enhanced training experience particularly for increasing core strength and balance awareness. Using the roll and pitch feedback of the Shox‐Box system, you can also focus on smoothing out your stroke while identifying and addressing rowing problems such as uneven foot pressure, rushing the slide, and dipping at the catch. By training the same muscle groups on and off the water, the transition back to the water becomes much easier after training routinely with the Shox‐Box system.

Additionally, the Shox‐Box system moves the indoor rowing machine up‐and‐down (pitch) to absorb shock aimed at reducing the tightness and pressure on your back, buttocks, knees, neck, shoulders and more. Even with proper form, harsh downward forces (approximately 8 to 25 pounds per stroke) while erging are still placed on the body at the catch and the finish.  These forces are offloaded by the Shox‐Box. The effect is cumulative so that the more you row on an erg, the more benefit you will receive from the Shox‐Box by avoiding the repetitive stresses to your body.

The Shox‐Box System comes with VBC, Variable Balance Control, an adjustable balance feature to accommodate differing skill levels. The Front Shox‐Box includes two balance settings. With the springs set on the inboard position, the Erg becomes less stable thus providing a more challenging workout to better develop core muscles and balance skills on the Erg. For more of a challenge, upgrade springs in the Front Shox-Box with the Soft Spring Kit for a total of 4 available balance settings. Even the most experienced rowers will find that the new VBC Front Shox‐Box with the Soft Spring upgrade provides the ultimate challenge in perfecting balance and body motions on the Erg while experiencing an even more comfortable catch.  Shox‐Boxes also come with Leveling Feet. For the Shox‐Boxes to work properly it is essential that they are used on a flat, level surface. If you have an unlevel floor or the erg feels unlevel, now you can loosen and unscrew the leveling feet to raise the side of the boxes that the erg leans towards.

Check out the video below to see the Shox‐Box system in action



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offers for the Shox-Box patent, which includes integrating the Shox-Box technology into a

rowing machine.

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For a more realistic row, a better workout, and less stress on your body.
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